Jaane Thoo!!

Actually I wanted to write a full review of Jaane Tu since it had created so much hype of 'being realistic' and having fresh new talents. I'll accept the second. But I'd be foolhardy if I said it was realistic. It was hardly that.

So what went wrong? Well the film maker (Abbas Tyrewala) himself gives the answer. In the scene where Genelia expresses her intention of going to the US to study film making, Imran's mother encourages her by saying that there is a lack of, and hence a need for, intelligent movies in India sans the formulaic hero-heroine-song-dance-villain-fight script (again, bollywood shows its arrogance by assuming it alone makes up the whole lot of 'indian' movies. How very wrong.) I don't know if Abbas was trying to separate himself from the mass of 'other' film makers. Rather, I think he fell into his own trap and literally accused himself.

Rahman's lacklustre attempt didn't help matters either. One would have expected a peppy score for such a movie. The only saving grace was Imran who I thought carried himself very maturely throughout. In short, don't waste two of your precious hours watching this. I wish I hadn't. :-(

P.S: Was it just me or did Genelia mouth 'What the f***?!' on entering her brother's room??!!


Visu said...

Realistic? HAHAHA .. Yeah pretty much. Especially the police man chasing.. Ayya...
But, the music is good, acc to me. Those two songs pappu cant dance and kabhi kabi are good.

P.S : I took immense efforts to follow the dialog with the subtitles. Aargh.

PirateEnemy said...

Hello Sir, Where did you watch the movie. Which theater??